The Retirement Starter Checklist

  1. What wakes you up at night when you think about retirement?

Not having enough assets/income, lengthy illness, stress on marriage and family, choosing the wrong place to live, being bored, not being productive or useful, missing your friends in your work setting

       2. What are you looking forward to in retirement?

Freedom to do what you want, time for hobbies and interests, starting a second career, more time for family, making my own decisions, rest

        3.  What matters most to you?

Relationships with family/friends, work/career, religious/spiritual life, physical health, personal finances, mental wellness, leisure activities, material possessions, travel, financial legacy

         4.  Why would you leave your current work?

To do other things, financial incentives, poor health, do not like the work, have enough income, did not get along with the boss, family health

         5.  How would you like to live? 

Close to family, within three hours of family, in a new home, close to water, close to a park, in a mixed-age community, close to jobs, in a big city, close to a college, close to a country club, in a retirement community, in a warmer climate, solitary, with a community lifestyle

6.  Do you have three friends with whom you now feel comfortable sharing your concerns, fears and hopes about the future?

Thoughtfully answer these questions.  Have your spouse answer these questions. The differences my surprise you.

These questions help you examine those things about retirement that are meaningful to you. 

They help you target areas of your life you want to enhance before stepping into retirement. 

A retirement coach works with you to explore these areas and motivates you to accomplish goals that will make a difference in your retirement.

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