Many people plan financially for retirement, but few have made plans for day-to-day living. We so anticipate being done with our “work” life that we don’t really think about what it will be like to fill the hours of the day that were previously occupied by work.

What are the ways in which you will get your social needs met? How will you stay “in the loop” with the mainstream of life?

How will you get the “Atta boys” or “Atta girls” you were used to getting in your career?

What things will you do that are purposeful and that will give your life meaning?

Many retirees find that after the first few months of unstructured living, they start to feel aimless.

They find they do better if they have a meaningful routine set up.  They do better if they set goals for themselves, both short term and long term.  And these goals need to be detailed rather than vague and general.

In fact, successful retirees continue the process of goal setting throughout their retirement years. Once they accomplish one goal, they develop another.  The process itself provides new energy and motivation in their lives.

In the “Rewiring for Retirement” workshop, we get your started in developing a series of short and long term goals that reflect your personal values, needs and dreams.