Part 2/2 What is your retirement legacy?

Having grandchildren often spurs on a desire to leave a legacy.  We can play important roles for them in passing on family histories and beliefs.

Ask yourself what family themes or characteristics have stood out over the generations.  Was family achievement emphasized?   Was staying within the bounds of home encouraged or were offspring told to seek their fortune elsewhere?   Was your family one that did not show emotions readily and held things “close to the chest”?  Or did your family tend to be quite forthcoming about personal issues or family troubles?  There are often many themes, but one or two usually fill prominent roles in your family.

And what are your values now after a lifetime?  Our legacy tends to reveal the things we value most.   The “Values Game” can help get you started figuring out what those might be: 

Collect these stories, these photos, these family values and also what you yourself have learned from life.  You are leaving something more valuable than money behind for the next generation.   You’ll be leaving at a real part of yourself.   And in the process of doing this, you are examining your own life in more depth and giving it greater meaning.