Keys to a Satisfying Retirement

  • Be aware of the adjustments involved in the retirement transition process; take your time, be kind to yourself.  It may take 18 to 36 months to adjust.   A satisfying retirement typically requires some work.

  • Think about what work has brought you.  Are there things you need to replace in retirement?

  • Early on adopt a small daily/weekly schedule; maybe a regular exercise schedule or lunch dates.  But do enjoy the luxury of time:  not having to rush in a shopping line, taking time to slow cook a meal, being able to “visit”.

  • Have something to wake up for.  Think about purpose.  It doesn’t have to be something that will change the world: helping others in simple ways, creating art or music for yourself, writing, planning a garden, or getting exercise in each day are all purposeful activities.  Redefine what “work” can be.

  • Have a social support.  Be ready to work at this.  Develop friends in a variety of areas, of ages, of intimacy levels.

  • Have a high level of activity both physical and emotional.  Take some risks, stay curious. (Have a healthy spouse).  

  • Work on perspective, humor, gratitude