What is your retirement legacy? Part 1 of 2

Many of my clients are focusing on their “legacy” in retirement.  By this, I don’t mean creating an endowment for their college or providing a trust for their grandchildren.  They want to leave behind something even more meaningful.  They want to leave a story of their life.  They want to share what they have learned through life’s trials and tribulations.  They want to express their values, and they want to share words of wisdom, hard earned lessons, and family stories with their children and grandchildren.  Here are some ways to start creating your personal “legacy”:

  1.  Enroll in an online website where you can slowly reflect and tell your story.   On the “Remembering Site”  ($25), you respond to specific questions about your life.   These help to jog your memory about things from your past you may have forgotten. You can answer these online or write the responses into your personal journal.  You’ll find it interesting how easily the memories then start flowing, one leading to another. 

  2. Get those old family photos out!  To preserve them you can scan them onto a disc yourself or literally toss them into a box and send them off to a scanning service such as:  ScanCafe    For a nominal fee, they will scan them for you then give you an opportunity to delete what you don’t want and rearrange them.

  3. Delve into your ancestry.  Help is available through your library or at websites such as:  If you are really curious, check into having your DNA analyzed to get more information about your ethnic mix and distant relatives.  One such source is  ($99)