Evey LaMont M.S. has been the principle at Primetime Transition and Retirement Coaching for 15 years.   in June, 2015  she “repivoted” and is expanding her business into her own retirement career.  She worked for 38 years as a Nationally Certified School Psychologist for Billings Public Schools.  In that capacity, she helped adolescents navigate their high school careers and transition “alive and well” into life after graduation. She was selected as Montana School Psychologist of the Year in 1991, became president of her state organization in 1995, and received the Golden Apple Award in 2011.  She has presented numerous workshops on a variety of mental health issues.


In preparation for her coaching career, Evey attended the Center for Retirement Research in Chapel Hill, NC in 2002 and the NLP Coaching Institute in Winter Park, CO in 2005.   She received her Retirement Options coach certification in 2006 and worked with coach Patrick Williams, Ed.D at the New England Institute in Massachusetts in 2007.  She is has been a member of the International Coach Federation since 2008.


Evey specializes in assisting clients navigate life transitions, particularly one of the most challenging transitions of all:  Retirement.   Evey is trained to administer and interpret the LifeOptions assessment, which measures readiness to retire.   In workshops she gives and articles she writes, she presents novel ideas and new trends developing from current retirement research.