Joan Stapleton Tooley

“The process of working with you was delightful and enlightening in many ways.  I came to you with a head full of foggy notions about what I wanted my life to include.  A few weeks later, thanks to the thoughtful exercises you suggested and our wide-ranging brainstorming sessions, those ideas had crystallized into a workable plan.  You helped me to recognize the energy drainers that sometimes hold me back, to acknowledge and celebrate what works in my life, and to see a future that could fulfill me both personally and professionally”.


Susan McDaniel

“I recently completed retirement coaching with Evey, and I recommend her and the process enthusiastically.  She helped me think creatively and meaningfully about how I want to shape my retirement.  Instead of seeing retirement as an end of something, she guided me to conceive it as pivoting in to a realted but new beginning.  Though I may not know all that awaits me in retirement, I have a much better idea and fell much more prepared than before her coaching.  Evey has a very warm and reassuring presence, and she exudes a sense of calm and wisdom.  I’d advise anyone think of retiring soon to work with her or someone like her”.


Jane Van Dyke, Ph.D.


I was having a difficult time confronting my ambivalence about retiring, but Evey LaMont helped me work through it.

I’d recommend her to anyone who is contemplating retirement.  There’s a lot more to it than the financial piece.  A lot of people don’t realize that retirement is a grief process, letting go of something you love and worrying about how to transition into the next chapter, what your identity will be, and how you will fill your time.


Taken form Rocky Mountain College Senior Sampler