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In a three hour process, Evey helps individuals and couples create a retirement plan for the next 25 years that works for them!

Evey is certified to administer and review the LifeOptions Profile™, an online assessment that measures 6 factors crucial for pre-retirees to assess before retirement:






Personal Development

Subsequent coaching sessions focus on refining what your really want to do with your retirement and making an action plan to make it happen!



To help individuals and couples plan beyond the financial to be fully engaged, challenged and productive in the next phase of their lives.

I recently completed retirement coaching with Evey, and I recommend her and the process enthusiastically. She helped me think creatively and meaningfully about how I want to shape my retirement. Instead of seeing retirement as an end of something, she guided me to conceive it as pivoting into a related but new beginning. Though I may not know all that awaits me in retirement I have a much better idea and feel much more prepared for it than before her coaching.”
— Susan McDaniel, professor Rocky Mountain College

Have you asked yourself the right questions?

  • Will I really take the time on my own to research what makes a satisfying retirement?
  • Before beginning my financial plan, have I spent a few hours  to decide what I really want to do with my retirement ?
  • Will I have something to wake up for?
  • If you are at a cocktail party and someone asks what you do, will you introduce yourself as who you are or who you were?
  • What am I going to do when work no longer organizes my days and weeks?
  • How do I develop my social portfolio?
  • What if my significant other and I are not on the same page regarding retirement?