Research is seeing retirement as another life stage, but most of us know so little about what to expect or what questions to ask.

Many people plan for the financial aspects but finances are only one of the 6 factors to consider in planning for retirement.

Clients find the “Rewiring for Retirement” workshop to be a great way to sit down with some people of different backgrounds and careers to explore what they have in common:  entering retirement. 

What questions haven’t you thought of?  In this workshop, we ask the right questions to consider before entering retirement.

We will divide our time between new research that is coming forward about retirement, personal exercises,  and class interaction.

People discuss their dreams for their retirement, but also, what keeps them up at night!

Retirement is a huge transition so we look at other transitions in our lives and how we negotiated them; we will reflect back on other times and experiences in our life.

You may discover old dreams that you had that may be renewable in retirement.

You can reflect on your legacy.

Over this three hour period, we will be building to a point where you will develop the beginnings of a retirement action plan on paper.